Immanuel Lutheran

Learning Center

Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center is a Great Start to Quality 3-star Program and growing! A Christian based program preparing your child during their most important years…EARLY LEARNING years! Following a play based curriculum full of learning opportunities, fun daily activities, ILLC is a place for your child to feel ready to learn and grow!

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Infant & Toddler Room

Our infant and toddlers (0-2 years) are cared for in an open ended classroom and follow a child led atmosphere, meaning their play is their plan for the day. Infants and toddlers are encouraged to follow their own personal routine or a routine established at home to form healthy habits for growing and learning. Qualified Lead Teachers and Classroom Aides keep consistency of care for your child.

Toddler Two's Room

Our Toddler Two’s are cared for in an open ended classroom led by play. This is a unique room because it serves a transition room from infant to Pre-K. Qualified Lead Teachers and Classroom Aides help our Two’s develop independence with a more structured environment and expectations to match their age and ability. Toilet learning begins in this room along with teaching self-help skills, more complex language skills, communication and self-expression.

3's and 4's Room

Our 3 and 4’s room is in full swing to get your child ready for Pre-School and/or Kindergarten! A Christian based structured program provides open ended play for your child along with routines, job helpers, and daily activities to promote social and emotional skills, pre-writing, self-regulation, and self-help skills. Children in this room have age and developmental appropriate expectations to help guide them through their day. Qualified Lead teachers and Classroom Aides help to aid their ever growing curious minds.


3's & 4's

Immanuel Preschool is a High Scope immersive learning classroom. Children learn how to work with one another while exploring the world around them. Whether playing outside or doing experiments in the classroom your child will be prepared for school without losing self-led exploration our little ones need. Best of all they will hear about how much God loves them in Jesus Christ.

Summer Care &

Extended Care

Extended Care is offered to Immanuel Lutheran students in grades K-8. Care is provided during the school year and follows the school calendar. Students have the opportunity to finish homework, get additional outside and gym time and age appropriate activities are offered. We also offer summer care for families in need of care options during summer break.