Mission Statement

Immanuel Lutheran School teams with parents and the church in purposefully shaping the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and moral growth of children within the context of a distinctively God-centered and high quality Christian educational program.
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Christian Focus

Immanuel Lutheran School teaches above all else, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. We believe that we can best prepare our youth to face the challenges, opportunities and frustrations of life by giving them an education that assumes the presence of God in all areas of life.
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Quality Programs

  • A complete school program for children in Kindergarten and Grades 1-8.
  • A Preschool program for three and four-year olds.
  • An After school extended care program.
  • A year round childcare program
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School Staff Directory

  • Full Listing of School Faculty and Staff
  • Principal
  • Grades Preschool-8th
  • Music Staff
  • School Office Staff
  • Kitchen Staff
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Enrollment applications for students new to Immanuel Lutheran School will be received at any time after January 1 of a year in which the students would expect to begin school in September.
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Tuition and Fees

As a parish school, we receive most of our financial support from the members of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Those members young and old, have been convinced of the value of a strong Christian school for over 150 years, and they have been willing to sacrifice to maintain their school.

Fees are determined by the Board of Christian Education. Full payment of all fees of a prior school year must be made before consideration is given to enrollment of a student for a new school year.
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Safety Drills

We often conduct safety, fire, and tornado drills.  We will post the date and type of drill here.
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Grants in Aid

It is never our intention to exclude any children from membership in the Immanuel Lutheran School student body resulting from the inability of their parents to meet financial requirements of tuition, member assessments, or other school fees.
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