School Mission

In response to the redeeming love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in obedience to His Commission to make disciples of all nations, Immanuel Lutheran School teams with parents and the church in purposefully shaping the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and moral growth of children within the context of a distinctively God-centered and high quality Christian educational program.

Immanuel Lutheran School is:

  • Since 1863, a place where children meet Jesus.
  • Established and operated by Immanuel Lutheran Church so that parents might be supported and assisted in their efforts to guide the Christian growth of their children.
  • Presenting the changeless Christ as a contemporary reality and a stable reference point in today’s restless world.
  • Providing a setting for experiencing the joys of Christian living and forgiving.
  • Proclaiming the Gospel as a healing force among all people.
  • Leading children to recognize their personal worth as children of God, equipped with unique abilities for serving their Lord and serving their fellowmen.
  • Offering opportunities for prayers, worship experiences, and religious instruction for all children on a daily basis.

Christian Focus

Immanuel Lutheran School teaches above all else, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. We are committed to offering children a complete education. The relationship between Creator and created is made clear in every area of our curriculum. At Immanuel Lutheran School, we strive not only to expand the mind and to strengthen the body, but also to nurture Christian faith.

The purpose of our school is not to isolate children from the world, but to support teachings of home and church. We believe that we can best prepare our youth to face the challenges, opportunities and frustrations of life by giving them an education that assumes the presence of God in all areas of life. A Christian elementary and middle school education completes the circle with home and church, providing a caring atmosphere where the Word of God permeates all branches of learning.

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