Pastoral Care

Members who are scheduled for surgery, have an accident, are hospitalized or experience the death of a loved one are asked to call the Church Office so that the pastoral staff are aware of your needs. Please realize that the hospitals no longer regularly inform us when our members are admitted. If you have any pastoral needs, please do not hesitate to contact a pastor.

The pastors are available for pre-surgery and hospital devotions and individual Communion. Some careers may separate families for months at a time. If a family would desire individual Communion or a family devotion with a pastor, please call the church office.

Monthly pastoral visits, often with Holy Communion, are scheduled with our Visitation Pastor.

How to Request a Baptism

Baptisms can be scheduled through the Church Office. We encourage that children be baptized during the worship service, thereby allowing the congregation to add its support and prayer in behalf of the “new child of God.” Couples expecting a child should call the church office to set up a time to speak with a pastor regarding baptism. Upon the birth of a child, the Church Office should be contacted as hospitals do not inform us of admissions.

How to Request a Wedding

Wedding information can be secured from the Church Office. However, the date and time of a wedding cannot be confirmed until the couple has met with a pastor. Couples looking to schedule a wedding at Immanuel or with one of our pastors should request a pre-wedding packet. Weddings are generally scheduled for Saturdays, not after 2 pm.