How it works

Immanuel Lutheran Church and School understands and respects the financial challenges of quality Lutheran Education. It is never our intention to exclude any children from membership in the Immanuel Lutheran school student body resulting from inability of their parents to meet financial requirements of tuition, member assessments, or other school fees. Consequently, we are grateful to generous persons who have given gifts to in Immanuel Lutheran School Scholarship Fund. Because such a fund exists, we are able to award financial need-based grants in aid to parents of students and prospective students of our school (grades K through 8). Various sized grants in aid our awarded, as various applicants have differing needs.

A Congregational Financial Aid Committee has been appointed to assist you in your request for such a grant in aid, to ascertain your particular financial need, and to determine your eligibility for receiving a grant or a particular school year.

So that our Financial Aid Committee may render a fair decision, please provide for us:

  1.  A completed Application for Student Grant in Aid. This form can be downloaded from the website or requested from the school office.
  2. A photocopy of your most recent signed US 1040 Federal Income Tax Return, include all schedules.
  3. A photocopy of your most recent State Income Tax Return, including all schedules.

All information will be kept in strictest confidence. These forms are to be submitted to the school office at any time, but it is preferred that the application be submitted before April 20 of the school year for which financial assistance is being requested.

Click the preview image below to download the Grant in Aid Application.

Application Student Grant in Aid